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Earliest Memories - archive 11-17-2005 - Mole End
Moles may not fly high but they dig deep.
Earliest Memories - archive 11-17-2005
In my previous entry I discussed my early memories at the Methodist church. Whenever I ponder how far back I can remember events in my life I always slow down at about age five. I only have two memories that I know happened before then:

I probably remember this because it happened twice and had a profound affect on my life both times. When I was two and a half years old my parents dropped me off at the Kramer's house to play and then left rather quickly. A few days later they came back for me and in their arms was a new baby sister, "Lynn". I may not have remembered this event if it hadn't repeated itself one and a half years later. When I was four years old, my parents again dropped me off at the Kramer's house to play and again left rather quickly. This time they returned a few days later with yet another new baby sister, "Leigh". It ended there, I am the oldest and only have the two sisters. But I wonder if after those experiences I was leary about visiting the Kramer house.


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From: donnickcottage Date: April 25th, 2007 01:49 am (UTC) (Link)
Wow lol, I'll bet you do:)
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